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Oil, Gas And Energy

     The Oil and Gas industry is vital to HD 65 as well as our entire state. In addition to providing an economical source of energy and high paying jobs, it also provides the state, counties and cities with valuable tax revenues and local landowners with another revenue source that makes everything more profitable. However, every time we turn around, the energy sector is getting hit with more burdensome regulations that make it extremely difficult to do business. In the last several years there have been several bills introduced, like increasing setbacks, etc., which if passed would take more land out of potential production. The companies that are doing business in the state are being very good neighbors, but the State and CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) are making Colorado a state that is unfriendly to business. In fact, representatives from several of the local oil companies have told me that because of the over-regulation in this state, if they could they would sell their local holdings and take their business elsewhere. It’s important to make it financially feasible to develop and produce the natural resources that this state offers at the same time as we develop our renewable energy resources and make them competitive with traditional resources!

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