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About Rod

I previously served for six years as a county commissioner in a county that works with oil and gas as well as agricultural industries. I fully understand the value to the economy that a near $31 billion energy industry, as well as a $40 billion agriculture industry, plays in rural Colorado. I am experienced in working with these industries and am excited about the opportunity to share my knowledge with our urban cousins.

I am a third-generation Cheyenne County Resident. I raised my family on the same section of land as I was raised. In 1977 I graduated from Cheyenne Wells. I am a small business entrepreneur and have run a custom harvest crew, family farm, and continue to run a beef cow herd. I continue to battle the same over-regulation and government overreach that other small businesses endure and look forward to the opportunity of taking that experience to Denver to protect rural Colorado.

  My wife of 41 years and I have raised two daughters and are proud of our six grandchildren. I am proud of the way my wife and I raised our family. They grew up in a Christian household and have been taught the morals and integrity that our leaders should have.

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