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Second Amendment

     Common sense would tell you that an inanimate object such as a gun or a knife or a bomb or a car on its own can’t kill or harm anyone. People kill; objects don’t. With mental illness on the rise and so many people that have been raised with no respect for property or life (theirs or anyone else’s), it’s no wonder that violent mass shootings and killings are on the rise. The moral compass of our country is so totally messed up that passing more restrictive gun laws would just make innocent law-abiding citizens criminals and do nothing to curb the violent crimes that are being committed. When I was in high school almost every pickup in the school parking lot had a gun rack with a gun or two hanging in the back window, and not a single gun got off the gun rack and walked in and shot anyone on its own. The second amendment was passed so the citizens of this country can protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. Who among us wants to live in a country where ONLY the government (and the criminals) has the right to possess guns? Not I! In my lifetime (since 9/11) we’ve given up numerous rights in exchange for the false security that we’d be safer and more secure, but it’s obvious from the increase in mass shootings and other violent crimes in this country that that’s not what has actually taken place. We CANNOT afford to give up more rights! Thomas Paine once said, “It is the duty of the patriot to protect its country from its government.” Let’s do our duty, folks!

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